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Muhammad Ansar (He/Him)

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Muhammad Ansar

Muhammad is currently in his final year of undergraduate studies at UofT pursuing a Bachelors in Life Sciences, with a double major in neuroscience and psychology and a minor in biology. He first joined the team in 2020 as a volunteer community tutor to help launch SWO's E-Learning Initiative after experiencing financial hardships of his own since moving to Canada. Muhammad is very passionate about education, teaching and mentorship and hopes to pursue a career in healthcare. Outside of SWO, Muhammad is actively involved in environmental advocacy work and in his free time, he loves to read, watch movies, and spend time with his families and friends.

SWO is a community of passionate and like-minded individuals and my journey here has only been positive. Through mentorship and support, I have been able to grow as a individual and a team player. The team here is fantastic and my experience has been incredibly rewarding and meaningful.

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