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Thank you for your donation!

Support our Initiatives! 

Your donation will be used to support the following initiatives by Starts With One Toronto:

Technology and School Supply Purchases:

We provide laptops, printers, and other devices to families struggling to afford school supplies in the GTA. In the coming months, SWO also hopes to provide students with school supplies, including stationery, backpacks, and more!

E-Learning Program:

Funding will help us provide better resources to our volunteer tutors and standardize our services by compiling textbooks and worksheets in a database. Tutors can then increase their capacity by focusing on providing teaching and mentoring services rather than creating worksheets or curriculum from scratch!

Advocacy Work:

Our Education Justice Coalition conducts research and activism work to support more anti-racist and equitable school systems in Ontario. Your donation will assist our research team, who are all full-time students and workers themselves, with doing this important work!

No matter the amount you donate, we are eternally grateful for your support, kindness and generosity. Thank you for supporting our small team!

If you have any questions about SWO’s finances or how your donation will be used, please don’t hesitate to contact our Finance Team Lead Eshita Rastogi at

Donation Tiers

Here's what we achieve with your donation!

Tier 1: 5$ Donation

Funds one month of tutor volunteer recruitment 

Tier 2: 20$ Donation

Funds the operation of Starts With One's Website for one month

Tier 3: 50$ Donation

Funds two technological accessory donations (ex. mouse, webcam)

Tier 4: 100$ Donation

Funds a printer, ink and paper donation for one Starts With One family

Tier 5: 200$ Donation

Funds worksheet subscriptions for one year of E-learning Tutoring

Tier 6: 400$ Donation

Funds a laptop donation for one Starts With One family

2023 Funding Goal: $1 768

The current donations will be used to fund the following:  ​

  • 2 Printers with Paper 

  • 3 Laptops 

  • 3 Technological Accessories 

  • 12 Months of Textbook & Worksheet Donations 

Our Current Progress: 

How else can I support Starts With One?

  • Host a Fundraiser

    • If your business, community, or organization are interested, please reach out to us using our contact form – we can’t wait to meet you!

  • Buy Merchchandise

    • Starts with One releases limited edition collections – purchase yours before they sell out here

  • Partner with our Organization

    • To facilitate a partnership, please reach out to us using our contact form – in the past, we have partnered with a diverse group of organizations and businesses to host events, share resources, and marketing campaigns. 

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