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Judy Chau (She/Her)

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As Executive Director overseeing the Volunteer Coordination and Curriculum Design teams at SWO, Judy is committed to continuing, innovating and expanding the e-learning program to reach more families, students, and individuals in need. She is currently a Master of Social Work candidate at the University of Toronto and holds an HBA from the same institution. Judy's hands-on experience includes working at a daycare and as an event assistant for TESL Ontario, showcasing her strong commitment to nonprofit and community work.

Her academic pursuits reflect her passion for addressing education gaps and enhancing mental health and social mobility, particularly among marginalized communities. Judy's life goal is to create an equitable world for the current and future generation, and intends on becoming a school social worker. She contributes extensively to research, participating in four teams investigating topics like pediatric care history, culturally engaged caregiving, decolonizing education, and nutritional literacy.


Judy's dedication to education extends beyond research; she serves as a Community Volunteer Tutor, sharing her knowledge and mentoring an amazing student. Outside of work and school she's an avid fan of Taylor Swift and is a video game enthusiast.

Starts With One (SWO) has taught me the importance of community. Belongingness is something that makes everyone feel welcome, included and accepted, and the SWO community is no less than that. Each parent, student, volunteer and partner I met during my time at SWO are equally as passionate about education equity, and are supportive in every way. They are the reason I love SWO.


SWO's community truly shows that it may "Start With One" to ignite a fire, but it takes a village to keep the soul of the fire enflamed.

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