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John Lin (He/Him)

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John Lin

John is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, currently pursuing a double major in Sociology and Economics, with a minor in Education and Society. While on placement at SWO, he hopes to learn more about the Ontario education system and contribute to education justice. Throughout his studies, he has gained significant research experience, delving into various areas such as identity formation and negotiation, anti-Asian racism, care economics, and the literacy performance of French immersion and bilingual populations.


These research endeavours have allowed him to develop a strong analytical mindset and a deep understanding of social issues. He looks forward to pursuing a graduate degree in social science after completing his undergraduate studies, with the hope of contributing to the ongoing discussion surrounding these vital issues. Cooking and baking are among his hobbies, and he loves anime and Kpop.

I've really enjoyed my time at SWO so far! All the team members are super supportive and accommodating with the tasks, and we're open to sharing our ideas on improvements. It's an absolute pleasure to work with such a motivated and ambitious group.

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