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Het Patel (He/Him)

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Het Patel

Hey there! My name is Het, and I currently a fourth year student at York University, studying accounting. In the future, I hope to also take my passion for business and accounting, and start a future career as a forensic accountant. I joined SWO to help provide people (who are less able to gain precious extracurricular experience) the opportunities to grow skills/knowledge and better their future. Outside of SWO, I am a avid bicyclist, and so I love going out to all the trials around my neighborhood!

My experience at SWO has been astounding! I have not only gained skills associated with team working, communication and time management, but I have also developed a network of friends that both understand my goals for the world (equity in education) but also support me in pursuing them. I was especially proud of the finance team this year, as we we able to acquire exceptional technology to aid SWO families.

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